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All Good Ideas, Collectable walking sticks and canes was launched by Simon Goodall in August 2006.
My father is an avid collector of walking sticks and I has been making sticks and canes for many years.  The site was created, as I found a real problem getting hold of quality walking sticks and canes and stickmaking supplies and after some research I found I was not alone.

I am a perfectionist by nature and second best will not do… The site is going from strength to strength and the philosophy I live by, is recognised by our clients. Our Client database is growing and we love a challenge.. We have sticks and canes all over the world and have commissions in Las Vegas, New York, Germany and london to mention a few.

We supply, shops, individuals, Theatre, Film, Tv, Wedding planners, Exhibitions and Official establishments around the world.

We pride ourself in being able to source or make anything, it is not uncommon to receive a photograph and make a cane from the image.

Have a look at our website at www.allgoodideas.co.uk

If you need any help or advice, please contact sales@allgoodideas.co.uk

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All Good Ideas